1.8 kg Grand Selection Beef Ribeye
40 g sun-dried tomatoes
60 g anchovy paste
2 slices of wheat bread
1 clove of garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
Parsley to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Dried oregano to taste

Heat a cast-iron fluted griddle pan, sprinkle it with a good pinch of coarse salt and cook the ribs one minute per side. Put the chopped bread slices in the blender with the garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, a grind of parsley leaves and a pinch of oregano; reduce everything to crumbs. Coat the ribs with the anchovy paste, pepper them, then toss them in the aromatic mixture, pressing well to make it stick perfectly. Transfer to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, drizzle with a little oil and bake at 200° for 10 minutes. Serve it in slices