Ambrosini Carni is committed every day to bringing the best meats to consumers' tables while respecting the environment, animal welfare and strictly following sustainable development.

Selected raw materials

Meticulous control over the origin of raw materials to offer the highest quality products in the best Italian butchering tradition.


Ambrosini Family distributes and markets beef, pork, sheep, equine and poultry products, guaranteeing its customers total traceability of each animal, in compliance with the strictest technical requirements and quality standards.


Strict product controls along the entire supply chain, careful choice of suppliers, proper care given to all stages of production, use of energy from photovoltaic panels and great attention to the use of increasingly sustainable packaging.

Respect for animals

Ambrosini's commitment to animal welfare has been certified and recognized by the National Reference Center for Animal Welfare CReNBA: a standard of welfare on the farm that guarantees the protection and respect of animals according to strict and officially recognized national parameters.

Research and Development

The company follows the guidelines of the HACCP system: a control method aimed at protecting the wholesomeness of the food and the health of the end consumer through constant monitoring of the entire production process.

Our certifications

ISO 22005 voluntary certification standard that guarantees traceability in agrifood supply chains. IFS FOOD international standard, whose main purpose is to promote the effective selection of retail branded food suppliers on the basis of their ability, to provide safe products, complying with contractual specifications and legal requirements.

Our Commitment to Nutrition

The "Santa Lucia" farm is located in the Bergamo countryside: this is where cattle are raised, in conditions that show special consideration of animals’ welfare -with controlled feeding, strict health checks and extreme care for the animals.

In 2021 avoided
841.7082 tons of CO2


Ambrosini is committed to reducing the environmental impact by using energy produced from renewable sources and recyclable packaging.


National Reference Center for Animal Welfare. Welfare standard in animal husbandry that ensures the protection and respect of animals according to strict and officially recognized national standards.