Flavors of the world

Flavors of the World, “Sapori del mondo” in Italian, is an extraordinary journey through the most exclusive meats from all over the world. Ambrosini Family carefully selects and prepares the most delicious cuts to bring to your table in an unprecedented and exciting taste itinerary.


Scottish meat is famous for its excellent quality due to its flavor, taste and tenderness. The climate like that of Scotland, of great variability, in which rain and sun alternate continuously, allows the animals to grow optimally.


Recognized and appreciated everywhere for its strong taste, aroma and tenderness, Argentine meat comes from careful breeding and careful selection of the best cattle.


Straight from the United States, American Black Angus meat, one of the finest breeds in the world. A guarantee of authentic delicacy, it stands out for its tenderness and intense, consistent flavor, making it suitable for the most demanding palates.


Australian cattle have become synonymous with the highest quality throughout the world. The meat is characterized by a mild and delicate flavor, the faint marbling giving it an unmistakable fragrance, a guarantee of a unique taste


The peculiarities of Irish climate and the constant attention to quality make Irish meat a true excellence, recognizable by the juicy and delicate taste that makes it an authentic taste experience.