GASTRONOMY - Beef and pork meatballs in gravy with mashed potatoes and basil cream

800 g meatballs (3 meatballs each)
600 g tomato sauce
100 g basil
1 shallot
Extra virgin olive oil a sufficient quantity

For the sauce: finely chop the onion and add it to a saucepan with a drizzle of Extra Virgin olive oil. Gently fry the onion. When it is softened, add the tomato sauce and the basil stams. Room lightly add the sauce and cook for about 10 minutes.

For meatballs: add a drizzle of Extra Virgin olive oil to a pan and brown the meatballs on all sides. Once the external cooking is over (it will take a few minutes) dive them meatballs in the sauce, where they will finish cooking.

Now add point few basil leaves. Let it cook for 10 minutes and then let it rest.

For the cream of basil: in a small pot of boiling water, blanch the basil for about 30 seconds and then cool it in water and ice (or water cold). Put the basil in a hand blender, add Extra Virgin olive oil, salt and emulsify it until you get a clear sauce.

For the mashed potato: boil a potato in a small pot and peel it when it is cooked. If you have a microwave oven, you can, pierce the potatoes evenly and make them cook for three minutes; then turn the potatoes and cook for another 3 minutes. This way they will be cooked and slightly dehydrated, so they are more more compact for mashing.

However you used, it is now time to mash the potatoes with a fork and season them with Extra Virgin olive oil and salt.

Once mashed, create potato "nests", on which you will place the meatballs.
Add a little tomato sauce and basil cream to close the dish.


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